Evaluation programming

IOB works with a multi-annual programming plan for the evaluations, divided over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ policy areas. The year indicates the date of completion of the studies.

Evaluations in 2020

  • Evaluation of Dutch policy with regard to the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) 2013-2019
  • Policy review of sustainable economic development, trade and investment
  • Evaluation of Dutch trade and investment policy
  • Evaluation of Economic Partnership Agreements
  • Evaluation of cooperation with developing countries to strengthen their tax systems
  • Evaluation of policy for sustainable value chains and SDGs
  • Study on mainstreaming gender policy
  • Synthesis study on decentral evaluations of asylum in the region
  • Study of foreign policy for cyber security
  • Case studies on the integration of aid, trade and investment

Evaluations in 2021

  • Evaluation of Strategic Partnerships in SRHR and HIV/AIDS 2016-2020
  • Country study of policy coherence for women’s rights and SRHR programmes
  • Synthesis study ‘Dialogue and Dissent’
  • Evaluation of financial instruments and diplomacy for humanitarian aid
  • Evaluation ‘Addressing Root Causes of migration’
  • Country study Stability Fund and Shiraka
  • Study of foreign policy for counterterrorism
  • Evaluation of Dutch coordination and coalition building EU policy: three cases