Help desk and training

IOB advises and trains Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff about evaluation. It does so both at the Ministry in The Hague and at Dutch diplomatic missions abroad.

Help desk

The help desk advises directorates, Dutch diplomatic missions abroad and individual members of staff on setting up and implementing evaluations: for example, on formulating a research proposal, or Terms of Reference or in setting up a reference group. For more information, contact IOB Help desk.

Evaluation training events

IOB also holds training events at the Ministry in The Hague and at Dutch diplomatic missions abroad. Examples of the aspects of evaluation covered are methods and techniques, procedures and Terms of Reference.


Is the new framework agreement on impact assessment and effect evaluations in place and, if it is, can I use it for my evaluation?

The new framework agreement has indeed come into force and can be accessed by Dutch civil servants via 24/7 Plaza. Practical information for civil servants on various components of the use of this agreement can be found in the Guide to contracting out effect evaluations via the framework agreement. NB: These links are accessible only to civil servants who are logged in at their workplace,

What are the requirements for the Terms of Reference for an evaluation?

The Terms of Reference (TOR) establish the objectives and focus of an evaluation, the questions to be asked and the approach. They also indicate the funds that are available and the responsibilities of the evaluators and the commissioning client. The TOR also form the basis for the contract with the evaluators. The TOR are different for each study. The World Bank’s document Writing Terms of Reference for an evaluation: How-to Guide contains useful suggestions. See also the examples of TOR formulated by IOB for completed studies and ongoing studies.

Where can I find completed IOB evaluations?

Go to the overview of all IOB evaluations.

What is a reference group and what is its function?

It is advisable to set up a reference group for larger evaluations. A reference group advises on the quality control and progress of an evaluation. It comprises representatives of the Ministry and the recipient/subsidised parties. External experts (academics, for example) often also participate. A description of the composition and role of the reference group is included in the TOR.