Research – Humanitarian policy

The Netherlands provides assistance to people affected by humanitarian crises. This primarily concerns financial support that enables humanitarian organizations to do their work. The Netherlands also develops political and diplomatic initiatives to make international humanitarian assistance possible. For example, this involves promoting access for aid workers in areas where humanitarian needs are greatest. It also concerns specific efforts aimed at improving how aid is delivered.

IOB is examining the results of Dutch humanitarian policy since 2015. IOB hopes this study will help to continuously improve humanitarian aid, specifically in terms of the targeted and efficient deployment of people and financial resources. This research follows the Humanitarian Aid policy review that was completed in 2015.


A number of sub studies will feed into the research on Dutch humanitarian policy since 2015. IOB will first map existing knowledge on localisation and innovation of humanitarian assistance in two literature studies. The intention is then to explore the effectiveness of Dutch policy, its partners and funding relations. As soon as the situation allows, fieldwork will take place in and around three long-lasting humanitarian crises in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan. These are places where diplomatic efforts have focused on and where large part of the humanitarian budget has been spent. A parallel IOB study on Development Approaches to Forced Displacement will concentrate on the Syria's neighbouring counties, where the majority of Syrian refugees are living.


Johanneke de Hoogh - Contact person
Meike de Goede
Charlotte van Eijk - intern


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  2. Ready: Terms of Reference adopted
  3. In process: Research in progress
  4. Report adopted
  5. Drafting policy response
  6. Report to parliament