Research – Dutch support to sexual and reproductive health and rights

The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) policy area has been a spearhead of Dutch development cooperation for years. Indeed, more than EUR 400 million a year has been earmarked for this policy area in recent years. The Netherlands supports various international organisations, including the WHO, UNFPA and UNAIDS, and various NGOs and partnerships. The Netherlands also funds research and innovation in the health sector and puts sensitive issues, such as sex education, rights and abortion, on the agenda with its political and diplomatic contacts.

The 2018 policy document Investing in Global Prospects indicates that the Netherlands will continue to invest in SRHR and the fight against HIV and AIDS in the coming years.

The aim of the evaluation is to provide a picture of the results and effectiveness of the Netherlands’ involvement in SRHR and the fight against HIV and AIDS. The evaluation covers the period between 2012 and the end of 2020.

Key question

To what extent has the Netherlands helped to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights and the fight against HIV and AIDS in developing countries? What lessons can be drawn from this for future policy?


The study consists of several sub-studies:

  • Systematic review of the effectiveness of different types of SRHR-related interventions
  • Desk study on Dutch efforts in the multilateral channel
  • Desk study on support to NGOs and partnerships
  • Study on SRHR diplomacy
  • (optionally) Country studies


Caspar Lobbrecht - contact person
Paul de Nooijer
Echica van Kelle


  1. Ready: Exploration
  2. Ready: Terms of Reference adopted
  3. In process: Research in progress
  4. Report adopted
  5. Drafting policy response
  6. Report to parliament