Current research – Integrating aid, trade and investment in three partner countries

This evaluation focuses on the adoption of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' combined aid and trade policy in three partner countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Kenya. This is done by reconstructing the policy and analysing policy processes in the period 2013-2019 with a focus on possible synergy and coherence in implementation. Determining the results and the effectiveness of the policy fall outside the scope of the study.

This study will be a building block for the policy review of article 1 of the budget for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sustainable economic development, trade and investment.

Key question

How has the combined policy for aid, trade and investment been given shape in the three transition countries?


Martine de Groot
Edith van Ewijk, University of Amsterdam
Contact person: Peter Henk Eshuis


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  2. Ready: Terms of Reference adopted
  3. In process: Research in progress
  4. Report adopted