Research – Trade and investment policy

Trade policy is an exclusive European competence. This means that the European Commission negotiates trade agreements with third countries with input from member states. Europe's role in the field of investment has also increased: new investment agreements are now an EU competence. But of course the Commission's proposals are not always in line with what a member state such as the Netherlands wants. That is why the Netherlands tries to promote its own interests as effectively as possible in all European institutions (Commission, Council and European Parliament) and subsequently at the international level (World Trade Organization).

IOB is evaluating Dutch effort to promote its interests.

Key questions

  1. On which policy issues has the Netherlands focused in the period 2013-2019 and why did the Netherlands focus on these policy issues and not on others?
  2. To what extent were the policy goals on these issues realised during the period of 2013-2019?


Policies are not developed in a vacuum, but are influenced by factors such as economic, political and social developments. IOB has asked Ecorys Nederland to study these external factors and developments. Subsequently, this sub-study will be used to examine Dutch policy priorities and the policy goals achieved.


Stephanie Bouman
Martine de Groot
Kirsten Lucas - contact person
Marit van Zomeren


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