425 – IOB – Annex to IOB Evaluation Report 'The Dutch contribution to the European Neighbourhood Policy 2011-2017' – Dutch bilateral policy instruments in the European neighbourhood countries and actors involved

This document discusses the most important bilateral policy instruments that the Netherlands implemented in the European neighbourhood countries. These instruments include e.g. political visits, assistance programmes, and contributions to peace missions. It is an annex to IOB’s report The Dutch contribution to the European Neighbourhood Policy 2011-2017 (IOB Evaluation No. 425) of September 2019; more specifically to Chapter 4 of that report.

The bilateral policy instruments of the Netherlands were not evaluated as part of IOB’s policy review, but are described here in order to shed light on the Dutch activities that complemented the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). However, section 6 of this annex document synthesises the findings and recommendations of two IOB evaluations of the Dutch Matra programme.

The document starts with a short discussion of the Dutch policy actors involved in the ENP.