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Evaluation of direct funding of Local NGOs by Netherlands Embassies – Useful Patchwork

IOB evaluated the direct funding of local NGOs by Dutch embassies between 2006 and 2012. Case studies were done in Benin, ...

Report | 01-03-2014 | IOB

Mid-term evaluation SNV Programme – Between Ambitions and Ambivalence

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsidises the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. IOB carried out a mid-term evaluation of ...

Report | 01-11-2013 | IOB

Impact evaluation of improved cooking stoves in Burkina Faso

An IOB evaluation of the impact of improved cooking stoves for domestic use and for use in artisanal beer breweries in two towns ...

Report | 01-11-2013 | IOB

An evaluation of Dutch economic diplomacy in Latin America – Economic diplomacy in practice

The IOB study investigates the impact of economic diplomacy on the competitive position of Dutch companies active in maritime ...

Report | 01-10-2013 | IOB

Evaluation of Dutch involvement in EU development cooperation – The Netherlands and the European Development Fund

IOB evaluated Dutch involvement in EU development cooperation. The focus was on the European Development Fund and the Cotonou ...

Report | 01-03-2013 | IOB

Evaluation of Dutch World Bank policies and funding – Working with the World Bank

An evaluation of Dutch cooperation with the World Bank (2000-2011).

Report | 01-03-2013 | IOB

Evaluation of Dutch support to human rights projects

An evaluation of Dutch support to human rights projects between 2008 and 2011. The report is based on a desk study and on case ...

Report | 01-12-2012 | IOB

Evaluation of the Benelux Union cooperation from Dutch perspective – Relations, results and return

This evaluation of the added value of the Benelux Union for the Netherlands was requested by parliament. Publications in French ...

Report | 01-11-2012 | IOB

Sub-study – Turning a right into practice: Impact evaluation of the Ixchen Centre for Women cervical cancer programme in Nicaragua

A study on the cervical cancer programme in Nicaragua 2005–2009, conducted for the review of policy on sexual and reproductive ...

Sub-study | 01-10-2012 | IOB