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405 – IOB Gender sense & sensitivity – Policy evaluation on women's rights and gender equality (2007-2014)

Dutch gender policy focuses on equal rights for women and men. The IOB evaluation revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ...

Policy review | 01-07-2015

403 – IOB Study – Premises and Promises – A study of the premises underlying the Dutch policy for women's rights and gender equality

Dutch international policy on women’s rights and gender equality is based partly on instrumental considerations. IOB evaluated ...

Publication | 01-06-2015

401 – IOB – Evaluation of the MDG3 Fund – Investing in Equality (2008-2011)

The MDG3 fund was set up as a result of the Schokland agreements of 2007. It contains EUR 77 million for concrete improvements in ...

Evaluation | 01-04-2015

381 - IOB Evaluation Balancing ideals with practice. Policy evaluation of Dutch involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights (2007-2012)

An IOB evaluation of Dutch involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the period 2007-2012. Thanks to ...

Evaluation | 01-08-2013

373 – IOB – Evaluation of Dutch support to human rights projects (2008-2011)

Evaluatie naar de Nederlandse steun aan mensenrechtenprojecten tussen 2008 en 2011. Het rapport is gebaseerd op bureauonderzoek ...

Evaluation | 01-12-2012

370 – IOB Study – Equity, accountability and effectiveness in decentralization policies in Bolivia

In this study by Jan Willem le Grand (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the focus is on reducing poverty in Bolivia by ...

Publication | 01-08-2012