Terms of reference - Evaluation Netherlands contribution to stability in fragile contexts

The central question of the evaluation is: To what extent has the Netherlands contributed to stability and security and rule of law in fragile contexts between 2015 and 2020 and what lessons can be learned for future policy formulation and implementation?

Afghanistan, Mali and South Sudan have been selected as case study countries. In these countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been active for a long time with relatively large development programs in the field of stability, with diplomatic initiatives and with contributions to UN and NATO missions. In the evaluation, we not only assess the separate results of these different interventions, but also the extent to which they have reinforced or complemented each other. The research is carried out on the basis of desk research, interviews and, if possible (depending on developments with Covid-19), field research in selected regions in Afghanistan, Mali and South Sudan. For the field research, we cooperate with local researchers.