The Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (known by its Dutch acronym IOB) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands is the independent evaluation service of that Ministry. It reports on the results of Dutch foreign policy over the longer term.


Save the date: IOB 40: lustrum symposium about policy evaluation then, now and in the future!

Attention: IOB has moved from 24 July 2017 onwards to Rijnstraat 8 in The Hague (new MFA building)


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Anne-Marie Heemskerk @anheem

No efficiency without effectiveness says Anthonie de Kemp of @IOBevaluatie at Learning Event of Efficiency by @PartosNL

1 day ago
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Bart Romijn @PartosDIR

This morning @PartosNL learning event Efficiency. More than programmatic issue, also entails strategic, organisational and operational alignment as well as external stakeholder engagement and continuous monitoring & sensemaking. Quite a challenge! @IOBevaluatie

1 day ago
IOB @IOBevaluatie

Registreer nu voor het lustrumsymposium ‘Changing Directions in Foreign Policies’ op 14-12! De registraties gaan snel en sommige workshops zitten al vol, dus meld je snel aan!…

9 days ago
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