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396 - Impact Evaluation of Rwanda's National Domestic Biogas Programme

Publication | 01-04-2013

397 - IOB Terms of Reference evaluation Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

Terms of reference completed | 01-04-2013

377 – IOB Study – Corporate Social Responsibility: the role of public policy – A systematic literature review

An IOB literature-based study of the Dutch government’s activities relating to companies in developing countries and corporate ...

Report | 01-04-2013 | IOB

379 – IOB Evaluation Newsletter – Mixed results for Dutch policy in fragile states

Newsletter beloning to the evaluation on the policy in fragile states.

Newsletter | 01-04-2013

378 – IOB Study – Public-Private Partnerships in developing countries: A systematic literature review

Publiek-private partnerschappen (PPP's) zijn relatief nieuw in ontwikkelingssamenwerking. Nederland steunt de groeiende ...

Report | 01-04-2013 | IOB

388 - impact evaluation FAFASO

Publicatie | 01-03-2013

375 – IOB – Evaluation of Dutch involvement in EU development cooperation (1998-2012) – Digital Annexes 5 to 12

Attachments 5 to 12 associated with the evalution of the European Development Fund (1998-2012).

Evaluation | 01-03-2013

375 – IOB – Evaluation of Dutch involvement in EU development cooperation (1998-2012) – The Netherlands and the European Development Fund – Principles and practices

IOB evaluated Dutch involvement in EU development cooperation. The focus was on the European Development Fund and the Cotonou ...

Evaluation | 01-03-2013 | IOB

374 – Policy response – Evaluation of Dutch World Bank policies and funding (2000-2011)

Policy response on the evaluation of Dutch cooperation with the World Bank (2000-2011).

Letter | 01-03-2013

376 – IOB Study – Renewable Energy, access and impact: A systematic literature review of the impact on livelihoods of interventions providing access to renewable energy in developing countries

IOB heeft een uitgebreid literatuuronderzoek gedaan om een goed totaaloverzicht te krijgen van evaluaties en rapporten die ...

Report | 01-03-2013 | IOB