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423 – sub study – Between a rock and a hard place: Monitoring aid implementation in situations of conflict

Sub study by the Conflict Research Unit of Clingendael Netherlands Institute of International Relations on monitoring aid ...

Report | 01-09-2018

423 – IOB – Review of the monitoring systems of three projects in Syria – AJACS, White Helmets and NLA

Evaluation | 01-08-2018

Terms of Reference – Evaluation of the Netherlands' National Contact Point OECD Guidelines

Terms of Reference for the evaluation of the Netherlands' National Contact Point (NCP) OECD Guidelines 2012-2018

Terms of reference completed | 13-06-2018

IOB – Annual Report 2017

IOB Annual Report 2017

Annual report | 01-05-2018

Literature review education and employment for refugee children and youth

IOB has initiated an external literature review of what is known of the effectiveness of initiatives in the areas of education ...

Report | 01-05-2018

422 – IOB – An analysis of poverty and inequality in the context of transition – Transition and inclusive development in Sub-Saharan Africa

The study focuses on the causes of the discrepancy between high economic growth and the much more limited reduction of poverty in ...

Publication | 01-04-2018

419 – country study – Uganda – appendices – appendices (except appendix C)

Country study Uganda appendices (except appendix C)

Report | 01-03-2018

419 – country study – Uganda

Country study Uganda

Report | 01-03-2018

421 – Evaluation of the Netherlands as host country for international organisations – Executive summary

Executive summary of the evaluation of the Netherlands as host country for international organisations.

Evaluation | 01-02-2018

Terms of Reference – Evaluation ICSR

Evaluation of the Dutch ICSR Policy

Terms of reference completed | 02-01-2018