Dutch support to capacity development

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Results – Evaluation of Dutch support to capacity development

The purpose of this evaluation is to respond to the demand of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch NGOs and their partners in developing countries for knowledge and insight that may contribute to capacity development policy. Its primary focus is therefore on learning, and cases were selected on the basis of criteria that stressed this focus.

The intention was not to present a representative sample of the entire range of programmes supported by Dutch development partners (DDPs). Therefore, this evaluation draws no conclusions about the overall effectiveness of the DDPs’ programmes, but presents pertinent findings and draws lessons which may be used to improve the effectiveness of future interventions in support of capacity development processes.

7 single evaluations

This report presents the synthesis of the findings of seven single evaluations conducted under the umbrella of a general terms of reference document. The seven single evaluations cover 26 case studies. IOB took responsibility for three of these evaluations. The four other evaluations were conducted under responsibility of the organization concerned.

The analysis of all 26 case studies and also of this synthesis was done on the basis of the following main evaluation questions:

  1. What changes have taken place in the capacity of Southern organizations?
  2. What effects have changes in the capacity of these organizations had on the realization of their development objectives (outputs and outcome)?\
  3. How effective have DDP interventions been in terms of strengthening the capacity of Southern partners?
  4. What factors explain the level of effectiveness of DDP interventions? What lessons can be learned?