Dr. Ferko Bodnár

Dr. Ferko Bodnár

Coordinating policy researcher
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+31 6 46 39 77 22
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Ferko Bodnár has been working at IOB since 2011 on the topics of agriculture, food security and sustainable trade, and has recently also focused on the relationship between climate change, energy, food security and water management. He is also interested in the use of theories of change in policy and evaluation.

IOB studies

IOB publications

  • IOB (2019). Strategies for partners: balancing complementarity and autonomy. Evaluation of the functioning of strategic partnerships between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society organisations.
  • IOB (2017). Food for thought. Review of Dutch food security policy 2012-2016.
  • IOB (2014). Riding the wave of sustainable commodity sourcing. Review of the Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH 2008-2013.
  • IOB (2011). Improving food security. A systematic review of the impact of interventions in agricultural production, value chains, market regulation, and land security.

Other publications