IOB wants everyone to be able to use this website. Should you encounter problems with accessibility, please let us know.

What is an accessible website?

An accessible website can be used by all target groups, without limitations. Therefore there are particular functional and editorial accessibility requirements for government websites.

Ensuring accessibility

We ensure good accessibility by implementing a number of measures in our (daily) processes:

  • Accessibility by design: accessibility is part of every step of the design, construction and editorial process of this website right from the start.
  • Research: independent experts regularly check (parts of) our website for accessibility. They look at the components related to functionality and also at the editorial aspects. We fix any problems and ensure they do not reoccur.
  • Knowledge of employees: our employees keep their knowledge about accessibility up to date and apply this where necessary.


The 'Temporary resolution digital accessibility government' determines that government websites should comply with accessibilitycriteria as defined in EN 301 549/WVAG 2.1 en that they should give account of thereof in a published accessibility declaration.

IOB has published its accessibility declaration (in Dutch) in the Register of accessibility declarations:

Toegankelijkheidsverklaring voor (in Dutch), audit conducted in Juli 2020,  accessibility status B.

Components that make the site non-compliant

Some older documents do not comply with current accessibility standards.

Reporting accessibility problems

Have any questions or comments? Or do you want to use a page that is not accessible? Then please contact us.