Dr. Jelmer Kamstra

Dr. Jelmer Kamstra

Senior policy researcher
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Jelmer Kamstra has extensive experience as an academic, policy officer and consultant. His areas of expertise are development cooperation, civil society and research methodologies. Following his PhD research on promoting civil society and democracy in developing countries, he worked for many years as a senior policy officer at the Civil Society Division of the Social Development Department to strengthen the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ civil society policy using lessons learnt from his research.

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Other publications

  • Kamstra, J. (2020) Civil society aid as balancing act – navigating between managerial and social transformative principlesDevelopment in Practice, 30:6, 763-773, DOI: 10.1080/09614524.2020.1801590
  • Elbers, W. and Kamstra, J. (2020). How does organisational capacity contribute to advocacy effectiveness? - Taking stock of existing evidence, Development in Practice, 30:5, 599-608, DOI: 10.1080/09614524.2020.1779664
  • Kamstra, J., Pelzer, B., Elbers, W. & Ruben, R. (2016). Constraining is enabling? Exploring the influence of national context on civil society strength. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 27(3), 1023-1044.
  • Kamstra, J. & Schulpen, L. (2015). Worlds apart but much alike: donor funding and the homogenization of NGOs in Ghana and Indonesia. Studies in comparative international development, 50(3), 331-357.
  • Kamstra, J. & Knippenberg, L. (2014). Promoting democracy in Ghana: Exploring the democratic roles of donor-sponsored non-governmental organizations. Democratization, 21(4), 583-609.
  • Kamstra, J., Knippenberg, L. & Schulpen, L. (2013). Cut from a different cloth? Comparing democracy-promoting NGOs in Ghana and Indonesia. Journal of Civil Society, 9(1), 1-20.

Other positions

  • Honorary research fellow at the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester.