Dr. Peter van der Knaap

Dr. Peter van der Knaap

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Peter van der Knaap started as director of IOB in September, 2021. Before taking up this position, he was director of SWOV, the National Institute for Scientific Research on Road Safety. Previously, in his role as research director for the Netherlands Court of Audit, he was responsible for performance auditing and when he was with the Ministry of Finance, he oversaw policy evaluation in the Dutch central government.

Van der Knaap earned his PhD in public administration, researching decision-making within the EU. Currently, he is chairman of the Dutch Evaluation Society Vide. He focuses on research and policy evaluation contributing to a ‘learning government’ en to the success of policy measures.


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Other Positions

  • Chairman Ducth Evaluation Society Vide

  • Member Editorial Board ‘Evaluation’ (journal)

  • Member Editorial Board 'Bestuurskunde' (journal)