Rafaëla Feddes

Rafaëla Feddes

Senior policy researcher
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+31 6 46 81 29 43
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Rafaëla Feddes has been working as a policy research officer at IOB since 2006. She is an all-round researcher with extensive knowledge of Dutch development cooperation policy and broader foreign policy. Her experience encompasses policy themes, as well regional policy and policy aimed at the effectiveness of a channel.

She runs the IOB Help Desk for questions about how to design and carry out evaluation. She advises several executive departments on evaluation management.

IOB studies

IOB publications

  • IOB (2019). De burger centraal? Consulaire dienstverlening in beweging 2011-2018 (‘Citizen-centred? Shifts in consular services 2011-2018’).
  • IOB (2017). Beleidsdoorlichting van de Nederlandse samenwerking met de ontwikkelingsorganisaties van de Verenigde Naties (‘Policy review of Dutch cooperation with United Nations development organisations).
  • IOB (2015). Met hernieuwde energie. Beleidsdoorlichting van de Nederlandse bijdrage aan hernieuwbare energie en ontwikkeling (2004-2014) (‘Renewable Energy: Policy Review on the Dutch contribution to renewable energy and development (2004-2014)’.
  • IOB (2014). Access to Energy in Rwanda. Impact evaluation of activities supported by the Dutch Promoting Renewable Energy Programme.
  • IOB (2013). Between Ambitions and Ambivalence. Mid-term Evaluation SNV Programme 2007-2015.
  • IOB (2011). Assisting Earthquake Victims: Evaluation of Dutch Cooperating Aid Agencies (SHO) Support to Haiti in 2010.
  • IOB (2011). Facilitating resourcefulness. Synthesis report of the evaluation of Dutch support to capacity development.
  • IOB (2011). Evaluation of Dutch support to capacity development. The case of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA).
  • IOB (2008). Het Nederlandse Afrikabeleid 1998-2006. Evaluatie van de bilaterale samenwerking (‘Dutch Africa policy 1998-2006. Evaluation of a bilateral partnership’).