Evaluation of the Reconstruction Programme, the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises Programme and the Addressing Root Causes Tender Process – Less Pretension, More Realism

The Reconstruction programme (2012-2015) and the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises (SPCC) programme (2014-2016) were two important programmes of the ministry’s policy priority on promoting Security and Rule of Law (SRoL). Together, the Reconstruction and SPCC programmes supported 36 projects implemented by Dutch and international NGOs in 24 countries. The total fund available was about EUR 154 million. This evaluation focuses on the effectiveness of both programmes. Additionally, it looks at the tender phase of the subsequent Addressing Root Causes (ARC) programme (2016-2021).

IOB’s report contains lessons and recommendations that have a wider bearing on formulating programmes whose objective is to provide sustainable benefits to vulnerable people in situations of insecurity. In its evaluation, IOB sought to answer the following main question: Have the Reconstruction and SPCC programmes been effective and how can programmes that aim to address conflict and insecurity be improved?