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Evaluation of the Dutch ICSR Policy

This evaluation analyses to what extent the Dutch policy on international corporate social responsibility (ICSR) achieved its...

Terms of reference | 02-01-2018

Challenges and choices for the Netherlands in a divergent world

Speech by Constanze Stelzenmüller at plenary opening IOB lustrum symposium on 14 December 2017

Publication | 14-12-2017

417 – sub study – Review FAO and IFAD: Strengths and added value for the Dutch food security policy

Report | 01-09-2017

Evaluation of Dutch policy on hosting international organisations

The Netherlands is host country for 39 international organisations, mostly based in The Hague and environs. Courts and...

Terms of reference | 01-08-2017

Evaluation of the Reconstruction Fund 2012-2015 and the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises

The Reconstruction Fund and the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises are instruments under the policy priority Security and...

Terms of reference | 27-07-2017

417 – IOB – Policy review of Dutch cooperation with UN development agencies

Policy review | 01-07-2017

417 – sub study – Security and Rule of Law study – Policy effectiveness of Dutch cooperation and contribution to the United Nations

Report | 01-07-2017

416 – IOB – Policy review of Dutch support to civil society development – Shifting Interests, Changing Relations, Support Under Pressure

Policy review of Dutch support to Southern civil society development: MFS II, TUCP and SNV.

Policy review | 01-04-2017

IOB – Annual Report 2016

Annual report | 01-03-2017

Assessing European Neighbourhood Policy – Perspectives from the Literature

This literature review discusses the factors provided in the literature for explaining the level of effectiveness of the...

Report | 09-02-2017