Terms of Reference – Evaluation of the functioning of strategic partnerships between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil organisations

The objective of this evaluation is to provide input for future strategic partnership programmes.

This evaluation will look at four main aspects in the functioning of SP:
(i) complementarity of MoFA’s and CSO’s roles;
(ii) funding modalities;
(iii) accountability towards donors and towards southern stakeholders; and
(iv) ownership and relative autonomy of CSO’s.

The main questions of this evaluation are: how do SP function? what are the causes for this? what recommendations can we draw from this?

This evaluation focuses on the programmes ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ and the ‘SRHR partnerships’ (both of DSO), and ‘Conflict mediation strategic partnerships’ and ‘Addressing Root Causes’ (both of DSH).

This evaluation focuses on the functioning of strategic partnerships, and will not consider ultimate effectiveness, which will be dealt with in the final evaluations in 2020.