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  1. Return on aid for Dutch exports – Good things come to those who make them happen

    The share of emerging countries in Dutch exports grew from less than 5 per cent in 2000 to almost 11 per cent in 2012. The IOB ...

    Report | 01-04-2014 | IOB

  2. Synthesis of multilateral contributions – Achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights

    An IOB study of the results of multilateral organisations working in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights ...

    Report | 01-10-2013 | IOB

  3. A study of activities in sexual and reproductive health and rights by Dutch NGOs – NGOs in action

    An IOB study of the work done by Dutch NGOs in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It comprises an ...

    Report | 01-09-2013 | IOB

  4. Study Linking relief and development – More than old solutions for old problems?

    An IOB study on the difficult challenges of linking humanitarian aid to development. It examines how these challenges are ...

    Report | 01-05-2013 | IOB

  5. Systematic literature review – Corporate Social Responsibility: the role of public policy

    An IOB literature-based study of the Dutch government’s activities relating to companies in developing countries and corporate ...

    Report | 01-04-2013 | IOB

  6. Systematic literature review – Public-Private Partnerships in developing countries

    Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are relatively new in development coorperation. The Netherlands supports the growing ...

    Report | 01-04-2013 | IOB

  7. Systematic literature review – Impact on livelihoods of interventions providing access to renewable energy in developing countries

    One of the UN’s goals is to achieve universal access to modern forms of energy before 2030. IOB carried out a comprehensive ...

    Report | 01-03-2013 | IOB

  8. Policy Study – Equity, accountability and effectiveness in decentralization policies in Bolivia

    In this study by Jan Willem le Grand (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the focus is on reducing poverty in Bolivia by ...

    Report | 01-08-2012 | IOB

  9. Joint Evaluation of the Global Logistics Cluster

    Report | 01-08-2012 | Consultant

  10. Cross-country analysis – Civil society, aid and development

    The relationship between social development and development aid is ambivalent. This is concluded by the study commissioned by IOB ...

    Report | 01-06-2012 | Consultant

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