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  1. Terms of reference – Substudy Climate Diplomacy

    As part of the broader evaluation of the Dutch climate policy in development cooperation, this study on climate diplomacy was ...

    Terms of reference | 29-04-2022

  2. Terms of reference – Evaluation Climate Policy for Developing Countries

    The importance of climate change and climate financing in Dutch development cooperation policy has increased dramatically in ...

    Terms of reference | 29-04-2022

  3. Quality criteria for evaluations

    What are the minimum quality standards that evaluations should meet? How can quality be managed throughout the evaluation ...

    Guideline | 22-04-2022

  4. Substudy – Desk review on the effectiveness of partners and funding relations

    IOB has evaluated the results of the Dutch humanitarian policy for the years 2015-2021, drawing on several substudies. The ...

    Sub-study | 15-04-2022

  5. Evaluation of Dutch EU coordination — Tactical and Practical

    IOB has evaluated the Dutch process of position-taking on EU policy and, in particular, the role played in it by the Ministry of ...

    Report | 08-02-2022

  6. Summary — Evaluation of the Policy agenda for aid, trade and investment art. 1

    IOB has evaluated the Dutch ‘Aid and Trade’ policy under BHOS article 1 for the period 2012-2020. Below is the English summary. ...

    Report | 01-02-2022

  7. Summary – Evaluation of policy instruments aimed at engaging Dutch businesses in sustainable development (2013-2020)

    This evaluation discusses the results of activities funded by the Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation budget which are ...

    Report | 15-12-2021

  8. Substudy – Evidence and gaps surrounding SRHR interventions

    The report ‘Evidence and Gaps’ shows which interventions on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) were successful and ...

    Sub-study | 10-12-2021

  9. Evaluation Counterterrorism Policy and Operations – Changing Needs, Need for Change

    The Netherlands is committed to doing its utmost to prevent and, where necessary, combat terrorism. The Ministry of Foreign ...

    Report | 12-10-2021

  10. Substudy - Network of Regional Security Coordinators

    As part of the evaluation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Counterterrorism policy IOB conducted a research of the ...

    Sub-study | 06-10-2021