418 – IOB – Policy review of Dutch development aid policy for improved water management, 2006-2016 – Tackling major water challenges

Improved water management is a priority of the development aid policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. It is a complex field of Dutch foreign policy that must deliver on global commitments in different national and local contexts, and also involves other parts of the Dutch government and water sector. This review gives insights into how the Dutch aid policy was carried out, and how effectively and efficiently it was implemented.

In doing so, it distinguishes water management in agriculture, (sub) national water
management and transboundary water management. In addition to these thematic areas,
the review studies the integration of cross-cutting policy themes: climate change,
environment, governance, gender and women’s participation. It also assesses the
contribution to the overarching policy objective of poverty reduction. The involvement of
the Dutch water sector is also reviewed.