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Evaluation of the Benelux Union cooperation from Dutch perspective – Relations, results and return

This evaluation of the added value of the Benelux Union for the Netherlands was requested by parliament. Publications in French ...

Report | 01-11-2012 | IOB

Sub-study – Turning a right into practice: Impact evaluation of the Ixchen Centre for Women cervical cancer programme in Nicaragua

A study on the cervical cancer programme in Nicaragua 2005–2009, conducted for the review of policy on sexual and reproductive ...

Sub-study | 01-10-2012 | IOB

Policy review of Budget support

Direct support to budgets of developing countries appears not to be suitable for achieving major reforms if it does not have the ...

Report | 01-09-2012 | IOB

Policy Study – Equity, accountability and effectiveness in decentralization policies in Bolivia

In this study by Jan Willem le Grand (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the focus is on reducing poverty in Bolivia by ...

Report | 01-08-2012 | IOB

Inception Report - Systematic Review on the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility

Sub-study | 01-08-2012 | Consultant

Sub-study – Pratique contraceptive et planification familiale Mali

Sub-study | 01-08-2012 | Consultant

Joint Evaluation of the Global Logistics Cluster

Report | 01-08-2012 | Consultant

Evaluation Insights Rural Water and Sanitation

Evaluation Insights are informal working papers issued by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Network on Development ...

Report | 01-07-2012 | OECD

Cross-country analysis – Civil society, aid and development

The relationship between social development and development aid is ambivalent. This is concluded by the study commissioned by IOB ...

Report | 01-06-2012 | Consultant

Terms of Reference – Evaluation of SNV's Programme

Terms of reference | 01-03-2012