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Terms of Reference – Evaluation of Development Approaches to Forced Displacement in the Syria Region

This Terms of Reference (ToR) describes the evaluation by IOB of the Dutch Development Approaches to Forced Displacement policy ...

Terms of reference | 22-06-2021

Terms of Reference - Evaluation of Dutch involvement in the UN’s MINUSMA mission

These Terms of Reference comprise a short description of MINUSMA, the Dutch contribution to it, the proposed research design for ...

Terms of reference | 02-05-2021

Terms of Reference – Systematic Review Youth Employment in developing countries

The overall aim of the project is to improve youth labour market prospects by broadening the knowledge base on what works in ...

Terms of reference | 09-03-2021

Literature studies – Counterterrorism and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

As part of the evaluation of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Counterterrorism policy, the British Royal United ...

Sub-study | 01-02-2021 | Consultant

Terms of Reference – Evaluation Humanitarian Assistance

Terms of reference | 21-10-2020

Terms of reference - Evaluation Netherlands contribution to stability in fragile contexts

The central question of the evaluation is: To what extent has the Netherlands contributed to stability and security and rule of ...

Terms of reference | 05-10-2020

Network analysis - Dutch tax treaties and developing countries

This sub-study of the IOB evaluation on strengthening tax systems in developing countries examines to what extent Dutch tax ...

Report | 30-09-2020 | Consultant

Order further establishing the investigative function of the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department

This is an English translation of the Order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of 27 May 2019, No. MinBuZa.2019.3926-31, further ...

Guideline | 15-09-2020

Evaluation Coordination Dutch EU Policy

Before negotiations on new European policy or legislation begin, it is important to have a clear Dutch position. In the ...

Terms of reference | 01-08-2020

Evaluation of Dutch policy on the Common Security and Defence Policy – Beyond pragmatism

In recent years, the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) of the European Union has gained momentum. This pushed to the fore ...

Report | 16-07-2020 | IOB