Current research – Climate policy: towards climate resilience in developing countries

The importance of climate change and climate financing in Dutch development cooperation policy has increased dramatically in recent years, though IOB has never evaluated climate policy as a whole. This evaluation of climate policy will cover the period 2016 to 2020.

The main question for policymakers is the relevance and suitability of the Dutch instruments to the policy objectives. In addition to relevance, we will also look at coherence: the coherence of policy and coordination with players within and outside development cooperation, but also within and outside the Netherlands. The evaluation will mainly try to draw lessons for policy.

This evaluation of climate policy is linked to the policy review on sustainable development, which, in addition to the climate, also covers water, food security and energy. The evaluation will provide input for this review.

Special attention will be paid to climate adaptation in the water and food security policy sub-reviews. For the policy review, we will carry out country studies, three to five case studies, and also examine climate action and its links to water and food security programmes.

Key question

How relevant and appropriate is the Dutch (development cooperation) commitment to climate for the policy goals? How coherent is climate policy in the framework of development cooperation?


  • Climate financing

The question this sub-study addresses is whether the types of financing are in harmony with the policy objectives of Dutch climate policy in development cooperation. This also raises the question of whether Dutch climate funds that mobilise private sector funds are additional to the market. This sub-study has been finished June 2021 and the English report is available.

  • Climate diplomacy

This study examines the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ campaign team that promotes other countries’ climate targets.
The English report for this study has been published.

  • Climate adaptation

This sub-study will examine how the climate has been integrated into the development cooperation programmes for water and food security and how these have helped to build climate resilience in developing countries.
This sub-study has been published in December 2023 and the report is available in English.


Marit van Zomeren - contact person
Pim de Beer
Ferko Bodnár

Jelmer Kamstra
Miyabi Babasaki


  1. Ready: Exploration
  2. Ready: Terms of Reference adopted
  3. In process: Research in progress
  4. Report adopted
  5. Drafting policy response
  6. Report to parliament