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  1. Trust, risk and learn — Evaluation humanitarian assistance given by the Netherlands

    The Netherlands offers assistance to people affected by humanitarian crises. IOB looked at two means for achieving better ...

    Report | 07-02-2023

  2. Substudy – Innovation Humanitarian Assistance

    The Netherlands set innovation as a priority to address growing and increasingly complex humanitarian needs. This literature ...

    Sub-study | 09-06-2022

  3. Substudy – Case studies on the effectiveness of partners and funding relations

    As part of the broader evaluation of the Dutch policy on humanitarian assistance, this study reflects on the effectiveness of ...

    Sub-study | 01-06-2022

  4. Substudy – Desk review on the effectiveness of partners and funding relations

    IOB has evaluated the results of the Dutch humanitarian policy for the years 2015-2021, drawing on several substudies. The ...

    Sub-study | 15-04-2022

  5. Substudy – Dutch Decision-Making on Humanitarian Assistance

    This substudy was conducted as part of the broader evaluation of the Dutch policy on humanitarian assistance. It focuses on ...

    Sub-study | 22-09-2021

  6. Substudy – Literature review on promoting localisation in humanitarian assistance

    IOB commissioned the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) and Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) to conduct a review of the literature ...

    Sub-study | 08-07-2021

  7. Terms of Reference – Evaluation of the Dutch policy for humanitarian assistance 2015-2021

    IOB has evaluated the Dutch policy for humanitarian assistance. These Terms of Reference (ToR) describe the research process and ...

    Terms of reference | 21-10-2020

  8. Literature study – Development and migration

    European governments are increasingly using development cooperation, including ODA, to address the root causes of irregular ...

    Report | 01-10-2018

  9. Literature review – Education and employment for refugee children and youth

    IOB has initiated an external literature review of what is known of the effectiveness of initiatives in the areas of education ...

    Sub-study | 01-05-2018 | Consultant

  10. Evaluation of the Netherlands and WHO – Prevention is better than cure

    Report | 01-04-2016

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