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Literature study – Development and migration

European governments are increasingly using development cooperation, including ODA, to address the root causes of irregular ...

Report | 01-10-2018

Literature review – Education and employment for refugee children and youth

IOB has initiated an external literature review of what is known of the effectiveness of initiatives in the areas of education ...

Sub-study | 01-05-2018 | Consultant

Evaluation of the Netherlands and WHO – Prevention is better than cure

Report | 01-04-2016

Evaluation of Dutch Development Cooperation in the Palestinian Territories – How to Break the Vicious Cycle

Evaluation of the Dutch development cooperation in the Palestinian Territories 2008-2014.

Report | 01-04-2016 | IOB

Policy review of Dutch Humanitarian Assistance

IOB conducted a policy review of Dutch humanitarian aid in the period 2009-2014. The full report was published in Dutch only, ...

Report | 01-08-2015 | IOB

Counterfactual analysis of policy coherence for Ghana – Autonomy, partnership and beyond

IOB studied a pilot scheme on the opportunities for coherence in the policy of the Netherlands and the EU concerning development ...

Report | 01-05-2014 | IOB

Study Linking relief and development – More than old solutions for old problems?

An IOB study on the difficult challenges of linking humanitarian aid to development. It examines how these challenges are ...

Report | 01-05-2013 | IOB

Joint Evaluation of the Global Logistics Cluster

Report | 01-08-2012 | Consultant