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  1. Evaluation National Contact Point OECD Guidelines

    The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises comprise a set of guiding principles and standards for international ...

    Report | 01-10-2019

  2. Evaluation international RBC policy – Mind the governance gap, map the chain

    The government expects companies to respect principles of responsible business conduct (RBC) laid down in the OECD Guidelines for ...

    Report | 01-09-2019 | IOB

  3. Evaluation of the Reconstruction Programme, the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises Programme and the Addressing Root Causes Tender Process – Less Pretension, More Realism

    The Reconstruction programme (2012-2015) and the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises (SPCC) programme (2014-2016) were two ...

    Report | 01-07-2019 | IOB

  4. Review of the monitoring systems of three projects in Syria

    Report | 01-08-2018 | IOB

  5. Evaluation of the Netherlands as host country for international organisations

    The aim of this evaluation is primarily to take stock of developments in the Dutch host country policy for international ...

    Report | 01-02-2018 | IOB

  6. Evaluation of Technical Assistance for Trade Policy and Regulations – Better Ways of Trading

    Aid for Trade (AfT) is defined as technical and financial assistance that helps developing countries, in particular least ...

    Report | 01-12-2017 | IOB

  7. Evaluation of the impact of ending aid – The gaps left behind

    At the request of the House of Representatives, IOB studied the impact of the cutbacks on development cooperation. The findings ...

    Report | 01-07-2016 | IOB

  8. Evaluation of the Netherlands and WHO – Prevention is better than cure

    Report | 01-04-2016

  9. Evaluation of Dutch Development Cooperation in the Palestinian Territories – How to Break the Vicious Cycle

    Evaluation of the Dutch development cooperation in the Palestinian Territories 2008-2014.

    Report | 01-04-2016 | IOB

  10. Evaluation of the Matra programme in the Eastern Partnership countries

    IOB carried out an evaluation of the Matra programme in the Eastern Partnership countries (2008-2014).

    Report | 01-09-2015 | IOB