Current research – Sustainable development: coherence from strategy to result

Previous IOB policy reviews were categorised by theme: drinking water and sanitation (2012), sustainable energy (2015), food security (2017) and sustainable water management (2017). This policy review will focus in particular on (i) the relevance of Dutch policy regarding long-term international strategies, (ii) the coherence between the different themes and objectives, and (iii) the contribution of short-term results of Dutch policy for transformative change at the country level, during the period 2016-2021.

Key question

To what extent has Dutch policy in the area of food security, water and the climate contributed to national and international long-term objectives in developing countries?


A main report will be published about this policy review. A main report will also be written about Dutch climate policy for developing countries.


Tentative proposal:

  1. Relevance and coherence of Dutch sustainability policy in the context of long-term international strategies
  2. Relevance and coherence of Dutch activities and diplomacy: Financing and mobilising private sector funding; Influencing policy, including land rights
  3. Effectiveness, efficiency and transformative change at the country level (3-5 case studies): Results on individual objectives and synergy between objectives; Efficiency regarding alternatives; Contribution of Dutch efforts for transformative change in recipient countries


Ferko Bodnár – contact person
Pim de Beer
Marit van Zomeren
Martine de Groot


  1. Ready: Exploration
  2. Ready: Terms of Reference adopted
  3. In process: Research in progress
  4. Report adopted
  5. Drafting policy response
  6. Report to parliament