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  1. Substudy – Discussion paper on effects of developed countries’ policies in developing countries

    This substudy, conducted by ECDPM, forms a preparatory study for the evaluation of policy coherence and policy effects on food ...

    Sub-study | 04-07-2022

  2. Substudy – Innovation Humanitarian Assistance

    The Netherlands set innovation as a priority to address growing and increasingly complex humanitarian needs. This literature ...

    Sub-study | 09-06-2022

  3. Substudy – Case studies on the effectiveness of partners and funding relations

    As part of the broader evaluation of the Dutch policy on humanitarian assistance, this study reflects on the effectiveness of ...

    Sub-study | 01-06-2022

  4. Substudy – Literature Review on Development Approaches to Forced Displacement from Syria in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

    In the context of the broader policy evaluation of the Dutch development approaches to forced displacement policy in the Syria ...

    Sub-study | 01-06-2022

  5. Terms of reference – Substudy Climate Diplomacy

    As part of the broader evaluation of the Dutch climate policy in development cooperation, this study on climate diplomacy was ...

    Terms of reference | 29-04-2022

  6. Terms of reference – Evaluation Climate Policy for Developing Countries

    The importance of climate change and climate financing in Dutch development cooperation policy has increased dramatically in ...

    Terms of reference | 29-04-2022

  7. Quality criteria for evaluations

    What are the minimum quality standards that evaluations should meet? How can quality be managed throughout the evaluation ...

    Guideline | 22-04-2022

  8. Substudy – Desk review on the effectiveness of partners and funding relations

    IOB has evaluated the results of the Dutch humanitarian policy for the years 2015-2021, drawing on several substudies. The ...

    Sub-study | 15-04-2022

  9. Substudy – Communities’ Perceptions of Development Approaches to Forced Displacement in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

    IOB has commissioned this study in the framework of the evaluation of Dutch support to refugee reception in the Syria region. In ...

    Sub-study | 15-04-2022

  10. Evaluation of Dutch EU coordination — Tactical and Practical

    IOB has evaluated the Dutch process of position-taking on EU policy and, in particular, the role played in it by the Ministry of ...

    Report | 08-02-2022