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  1. Literature study – European development cooperation with Sub-Saharan Africa

    In an annual letter to parliament, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation informs the House of ...

    Report | 25-05-2020 | Consultant

  2. Terms of Reference – Evaluation Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

    These Terms of Reference refer to the IOB evaluation of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The structure of the ...

    Terms of reference | 19-03-2020

  3. Delphi panel – Counterterrorism and preventing/countering violent extremism

    As part of the evaluation of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Counterterrorism policy, IOB set up a Delphi panel to ...

    Sub-study | 27-02-2020 | IOB

  4. Terms of Reference – Evaluation of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Counterterrorism policy

    IOB is evaluating the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Counterterrorism policy. Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ...

    Terms of reference | 20-02-2020

  5. Post-mission evaluation of the integrated police training mission in Kunduz

    Between 2011 and 2013, the Dutch ‘integrated police training mission’ took place in Afghanistan. Its aims were to help strengthen ...

    Report | 19-11-2019 | IOB

  6. Terms of Reference – Evaluation of Dutch government policies and activities to strengthen tax systems in developing countries

    In 2016, the Dutch cabinet's Agenda on Policy Coherence for Development was introduced, which includes the policy goal ‘Increased ...

    Terms of reference | 13-11-2019

  7. Terms of Reference – Literature review of European instruments for development aid in Africa

    These terms of reference concern a document review of EU development aid policies and their implementation in recent years in ...

    Terms of reference | 01-11-2019

  8. Literature review – Developments in the police and justice sectors in Kunduz

    One of the studies that contributed to IOB’s ‘post-mission evaluation’ of the Dutch Kunduz mission was a literature review on the ...

    Sub-study | 01-10-2019

  9. Evaluation National Contact Point OECD Guidelines

    The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises comprise a set of guiding principles and standards for international ...

    Report | 01-10-2019

  10. Terms of Reference – Evaluation of the international trade and investment policy of the Netherlands

    This evaluation has two aims: to assess the motivation behind the Dutch trade and investment policy. Why has the Netherlands ...

    Terms of reference | 27-09-2019