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  1. Sub-study – International RBC conditions in procurement by the government

    This sub-study reviews the integration of principles concerning international responsible business conduct (RBC) in procurement ...

    Sub-study | 01-09-2019

  2. Policy review of the Dutch contribution to the European Neighbourhood Policy

    The ENP is the EU’s main policy framework guiding the relations between the Union and sixteen of its neighbouring countries in ...

    Report | 01-09-2019 | IOB

  3. Sub-study – International RBC frameworks for private sector instruments

    The government formulated several guidelines for frameworks of private-sector instruments to promote international responsible ...

    Sub-study | 01-09-2019

  4. Evaluation international RBC policy – Mind the governance gap, map the chain

    The government expects companies to respect principles of responsible business conduct (RBC) laid down in the OECD Guidelines for ...

    Report | 01-09-2019 | IOB

  5. Sub-study – The role of the Netherlands in international RBC initiatives

    What was the contribution of The Netherlands to international agreements and legislation in the field of corporate social ...

    Sub-study | 01-09-2019

  6. Country studies – Results of the international RBC policy in Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia and India

    Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia and India struggle with serious risks for international responsible business conduct (RBC). Four ...

    Sub-study | 01-09-2019

  7. Evaluation of the functioning of strategic partnerships between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society organisations – Strategies for partners: balancing complementarity and autonomy

    Strategic Partnerships (SPs) are an instrument for the cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society ...

    Report | 01-08-2019

  8. Évaluation du fonctionnement des partenariats stratégiques entre le ministère des Affaires étrangères et les organisations de la société civile

    Version française du rapport

    Report | 01-08-2019

  9. Evaluation of the Reconstruction Programme, the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises Programme and the Addressing Root Causes Tender Process – Less Pretension, More Realism

    The Reconstruction programme (2012-2015) and the Strategic Partnerships Chronic Crises (SPCC) programme (2014-2016) were two ...

    Report | 01-07-2019 | IOB

  10. IOB Protocol

    The IOB protocol describes IOB's statutory tasks. This document provides an English language summary of the IOB Protocol as ...

    Guideline | 05-06-2019